Electronic development - from concept right through to production:

Our company has extensive knowledge and experience of designing, developing and manufacturing customized electronic appliances that match our client’s needs and requirements. Our expertise includes:

  • Design of measurement, control, command and communication devices
  • Design of schematics and printed circuit boards, and working with clients in designing interface and housing for home and industrial devices
  • Development of embedded programs
  • Development of sub-measures for different platforms (Windows, Linux, Android), development of test environments and procedures

Consulting – our consulting division provides bespoke solutions through a depth of professionalism and competence.

We provide professional consulting services in the following areas:

  • Invention of microprocessor-based command and control systems;
  • Implementation and diagnostics of fieldbus systems;
  • IT-security support for industrial systems;
  • Technical support of authorization procedures;

We also offer a consultancy service for your long-term development needs and plans including looking at improving the quality of existing products and enhancing cost-efficiency.

Our Engineering Services division offers clients optimal solutions and a commitment to quality.

Our experience in developing microprocessor systems has allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding and experience of many processor manufacturers' products from the Ultra-Low Power segment to high-speed, multi-core ARM-based solutions.

The applied communication solutions cover a wide range of industrial, HVAC and automotive areas including, but not limited to: MODBUS, BACnet, M-BUS, OMS/WM-BUS, LonWorks, OPC, IEC68070-5, CAN, LIN, EtherCAT, WiFi, Zigbee and other ISM band radio frequency transmission mode, and several proximity card systems.

OEM - as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, we have experience of manufacturing and production of solutions that match exactly what customers are looking for.

Thus, we work with customers to provide tailored products and a comprehensive service package that offers targeted solutions to their specific needs. This includes:

  • The design of bespoke microprocessor-based command and control systems;
  • The implementation and diagnostics of fieldbus systems;
  • IT-security support for industrial systems;
  • Technical support of authorization procedures;
  • and Consultancy on long-term development plans: improving the quality of existing products and cost-efficiency enhancement.

About Us:

Jetter AG strengthens its presence in mobile automation through acquisition of
Hungarian ELAN Systems

With effect from 8 July 2019, Jetter AG acquired 100% of the Hungarian R&D specialist for mobile systems ELAN Systems Kft. The acquisition strengthens Jetter's activities in the field of municipal and agricultural technology and at the same time expands its research and development capacities. ELAN Systems is an owner-managed company specializing in the development, design, manufacture, assembly and testing of customer-specific products. Jetter has been working successfully with ELAN Systems in several development projects for many years. ELAN Systems Kft. will be renamed Jetter Automation Hungary Kft. and remains an independent legal entity. Jetter Automation Hungary Kft. continues to develop hardware and software for controllers, HMIs and communication modules.

The engineer team has been engaged in electronics development and manufacturing since 1991 and has been operating under the ELAN SYSTEM name between 2002 and 2019. The company name is Jetter Automation Hungary since 2019 July. Our goal is to support our customers through our extensive experience and the high level of bespoke service we provide with particular emphasis on protecting and securing client’s intellectual property through maintaining strict confidentiality.

Instead of Offering “off the shelf” solutions we strive to make our products as cost-effective as possible while also including cutting edge technology through a continual process of in-house research and development.

Our main operations include: supporting our customers with electronic development service and integration (OEM) products. Our clients include manufacturers and service providers from Germany, The Netherlands, France and Italy as well as companies operating in the Central European region and our products are marketed under their own brands.

Our company has experience of construction engineering (cooling, heating and ventilation technology, access control panels), the vehicle industry (display and control systems), as well as in energy, machinery, food and the pharmaceutical industry (display systems, data collectors, card readers, protocol converters and test devices).

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